Gas prices continue to put a dent in the wallet of consumers.  According to as of today the cheapest place to buy gas in the Berkshires is the Mobile station on South Street in Pittsfield, the Gulf station in North Adams, and the Gulf station in Williamstown according to GasBuddy where the price last tracked was $3.29.  That is up from last week's low of $3.25.  That is still well below the country’s national average of $3.42 today for regular gas according to AAA, but even the least expensive price in the Berks of $3.29 a gallon is still hitting drivers where it hurts.

So, when tooling around the Berkshires it’s always a good idea to check the GasBuddy App to see where you can save a couple of cents that will quickly turn into dollars.

According to GasBuddy…

Pittsfield                Mobil – $3.29                 460 South Main, Pittsfield

North Adams        Gulf – $3.29                    259 Main St, North Adams

Adams                  Mobile - $3.39                160 Howland Street, Adams

Williamstown        Gulf - $3.29                    259 Main Street

Lee                       Mobil – $3.39                 1140 Pleasant St, Lee

Great Barrington   Sunoco - $3.41              190 State Rd, Great Barrington

The prices listed here are subject to change since the posting of this article.

According to the website, there are 3 main reasons for the increased gasoline prices.

  • Americans are no longer cooped up in their home and have hit the road going back to work, vacationing, or just more trips to see grandma and grandpa again. According to the report, the Federal Highway Administration data shows as of July of this year the country was traveling as much as pre-pandemic figures.
  • Hurricane Ida had a major effect on US oil production as well as supply constraints limiting the effort to ramp up production to meet the high demand for go-juice. The report states that because of Ida a large part of the country’s oil-producing facilities in the Gulf of Mexico had to be shut down in August.
  • Other counties are also feeling the “crunch” with OPEC and other oil exporters only making modest increases in production sending crude prices higher according to the article at com.

The prices listed here are subject to change since the posting of this article.

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