Gas prices continue to put a dent in the wallet of consumers.  According to as of today the cheapest place to buy gas in the Berkshires is the Mobile station on South Street in Pittsfield.  Day after day week after week they continue to provide the least expensive gas in the Berkshires. According to GasBuddy the Gulf station on Main Street in Williamstown is the place to gas up in the northern part of the Berkshires.  They have also been consistently holding steady at $3.29 per gallon.  Currently in south county GasBuddy’s cheapest listing today in Great Barrington and Lee you can pump ethel for $3.49 per gallon. That is above the national and state average.  Pittsfield does have the least expensive gas prices in the Berkshires compared to the majority of stations in north and south counties.  A full list of the least expensive gas station prices in the Berkshires is below.

Comparing Massachusetts to the rest of the country according to AAA the national average is $3.41 a gallon, down a penny from earlier in the week.  In Mass, we are very close to the national averaging $3.40 per gallon across the state.  The most expensive gas price is in Washington state where it will cost you around $3.80 a gallon.  According to AAA the cheapest gas in the country can be pumped in Oklahoma where the average price is $3.00 a gallon.

So, when tooling around the Berkshires it’s always a good idea to check the GasBuddy App to see where you can save a couple of cents that will quickly turn into dollars.

If a local city or town is not listed below there were not any gas stations listed at GasBuddy at the time of this post that was below the national or state average per gallon. The prices listed here are subject to change.

Pittsfield                     Mobil – $3.29                        460 South Main, Pittsfield

Pittsfield                      Mobil - $3.35                           426 Pittsfield Road, Pittsfield

Pittsfield                      Shell - $3.35                           1030 South Main Street, Pittsfield

Pittsfield                      Cito - $3.35                             1330 East Street, Pittsfield

Pittsfield                      Stop & Shop - $3.35              1 Dan Fox Drive, Pittsfield

Pittsfield                      Citco - $3.39                           1475 W Housatonic Street,Pittsfield

Pittsfield                      Shell - $3.39                           480 W Housatonic Street, Pittsfield

Pittsfield                      Sunoco - $3.39                       188 Elm Street, Pittsfield

Pittsfield                      Cumberland Farms - $3.39   154 1st Street, Pittsfield

Pittsfield                      Shell - $3.39                           90 Tyler Street, Pittsfield

Pittsfield                      Sunoco - $3.39                       420 Merrill Road, Pittsfield

Pittsfield                      Cumberland Farms - $3.39   885 Dalton Road, Pittsfield

Lanesboro                   Gulf - $3.39                             705 S Main Street, Lanesboro

Williamstown               Gulf – $3.29                          259 Main St, Williamstown

Williamstown             Sunoco - $3.36                       364 Main Street, Williamstown

Adams                       Mobile - $3.39                       160 Howland Street, Adams

The prices listed here are subject to change since the posting of this article.

According to the website, there are 3 main reasons for the increased gasoline prices.

  • Americans are no longer cooped up in their home and have hit the road going back to work, vacationing, or just more trips to see grandma and grandpa again. According to the report, the Federal Highway Administration data shows as of July of this year the country was traveling as much as pre-pandemic figures.
  • Hurricane Ida had a major effect on US oil production as well as supply constraints limiting the effort to ramp up production to meet the high demand for go-juice. The report states that because of Ida a large part of the country’s oil-producing facilities in the Gulf of Mexico had to be shut down in August.
  • Other counties are also feeling the “crunch” with OPEC and other oil exporters only making modest increases in production sending crude prices higher according to the article at

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