Massachusetts has something for everyone. Whether you are an art connoisseur, nature lover, sports enthusiast, planning to start a family, interested in a quality education for your children, or are trying to secure a good job, Massachusetts offers all of those things and more.

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Massachusetts also has many beautiful towns that are perfect for senior living. Maybe retirement is on your mind or you are just looking to slow down from the hustle and bustle of the big city, if either is the case you won't have a difficult time finding a town in Massachusetts that is perfect for senior living. With assistance from our friends at World Atlas, we look at three small Massachusetts towns that are a perfect fit for seniors.

Adams is one of the small towns on World Atlas that is a senior-friendly town in Massachusetts. Here's an excerpt from the site's review of Adams

With physical beauty and culture, Adams offers a double-whammy of attractions for seniors to enjoy. The town is considered safe too, and violent crimes are well below the national average. Adams also has good house prices, averaging around $244,000, a massive $100,000 less than the national average.

In addition, natural attractions like Mount Greylock, Bellevue Falls, and Peck's Falls are a must-see when visiting or living in Adams. Adams' population is a little over 8,000.

Athol is another small town on World Atlas' list that is considered a senior-friendly town in Massachusetts. Athol's population is close to 12,000. Here's an excerpt from the site's review of Athol.

Athol’s houses are cheaper by $40,000 than the national average. Despite the fact it is cheaper, the town is still an attractive place, surrounded by nature. Plus, Athol is close enough to big cities like Worcester and Springfield, so you have easy access to a variety of healthcare choices. Millers River in Athol is a pretty spot that everyone young and old can enjoy. It lies in the heart of town and it is a fine option for kayaking, canoeing, and fishing.


Spencer is the third actual town on World Atlas' list that is considered senior-friendly in Massachusetts. Spencer's population is close to 12,000. Here's an excerpt from the site's review of Spencer.

The town is near Worcester, so you have easy access to big hospitals and special health services, like UMass Memorial Medical Center where you can find many types of medical support. The cost of homes is a little bit higher than what most people in the country pay, around $400,000, but it is worth it because there is less crime compared to other places. The town is wrapped in nature's beauty, with Spencer State Forest and various lakes and parks nearby. These spots are perfect for enjoying the outdoors, like going for hikes, fishing, and watching birds.


While Massachusetts is home to many gorgeous towns, you may want to visit these three. You never know, you're next home may be in one of these small towns.

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