Berkshire County Sheriff Tom Bowler and the staff at the Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office earlier this week recognized Great Barrington Police Chief William Walsh, calling a community member who has inspired so many in his community and continues to protect and serve as a local police officer.

Chief Walsh’s career in law enforcement begin in the 1980’s as a patrol officer with the town’s Police Department and has served as chief for 37 of those years. With 40 years of experience as a law enforcement officer. As chief, Walsh’s responsibilities include running a staff of over a dozen officers, a 911 dispatch center and overseeing a community of 7,000 community members.

The Sheriff’s Office had these words to say about Chief Walsh in a post on the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page:

For those that know him, they know he is passionate when it comes to community policing and keeping the community safe. As a member of the local TRIAD group, he developed and implemented the “Be Seen, Be Safe” program with the District Attorney’s Office and Sheriff Bowler after the tragic loss of senior citizens within the community. He implemented President Obama’s 21st Century of Policing policy in 2014 with the goal of effective crime reduction and building public trust through 6 pillars; Building Trust and Legitimacy, Policy and Oversight, Technology and Social Media, Community Policing and Crime Reduction, Officer Training and Education and finally Officer Wellness and Safety… Under his command, his department was the first police department to receive accreditation by the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission. Through the ever-changing climate of policing within America, he wanted to make sure that his department was ready to continue to protect and serve with professionalism, honor, and dedication. When those in his community stood together to protest the tragic events that have and are occurring within this country, he led by example for his staff and ensured the safety and security of those in attendance. He is also currently assisting with the transition of his replacement after deciding to retire this year, December 24th, his 65th birthday.


The post finished up by acknowledging that Chief Walsh is just one of many professional and dedicated law enforcement officers in Berkshire County, saying that many like him go above and beyond their duties as police officers and are truly committed to their communities.

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