Recently, we have been talking about some GOOD news regarding tax rebate checks that could benefit Bay State residents. Recent developments have since been divulged regarding Chapter 62F and this newly found loop hole is a vehicle to benefit ONLY the wealthiest in Massachusetts and once again working families will NOT see a rebate check that would be substantial to them. After all, $9 CAN'T buy much or assist in those who are trying to make ends meet on a daily basis. Once again, the almighty dollar has final say and that is just NOT right.

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Governor Charlie Baker recently signed the measure releasing these funds, but in a recent interview with Boston Public Radio. He stated all hope is NOT lost for everyone to get a piece of this al-important pie:

"The policy is the policy. it was voted on by the voters and it should be implemented accordingly. if people want to change it at some point afterwards, that's probably a conversation that's worth having"

But other politicians in Beacon Hill are skeptical about The Governor's words as low income households would only get a minimal refund under the tax cap law. AGAIN: "A mere $9". Just the thought of those who don't really need the money irks me beyond belief. Just the thought of "millionaires" receiving almost $22 thousand dollars from this benefit angers me beyond belief. It should be the other way around, don't you think!


However, negotiations remain underway for low and middle income residents to receive a $250 stimulus check as this relief is part of a possible $4 billion economic package that would provide much needed relief for those who NEED it. But for now, that offer will be extended to those who have made over $38 thousand and only 1% of the total credit will go to the bottom 20% of earners who deserve this much more.

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BOTTOM LINE: The state of Massachusetts HAS the resources to better this situation as investments on housing, infrastructure and energy should play a major, key role in taking this situation to the next level. We will keep you posted on the latest developments when they become available.

MOOLAH, MOOLAH, MOOLAH for ALL! NOT for just those who really DON'T need it! As Aerosmith used to say (and they are a Boston based band) "Get A Grip"

(Some information obtained in this article courtesy of www.MassLive.Com)

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