Some changes have been proposed for Southern Berkshire County in terms of BRTA bus service routes, and residents will have an opportunity to chime in during a series of public hearings. The changes could be quite impactful to some and not so much to others, but if you depend on the bus services, it would behoove you to attend these sessions and to get your opinion heard.

Evening bus service and some daytime stops are under consideration to go...

The Berkshire Regional Transit Authority is proposing to cut evening bus service in Southern Berkshire County and also to reduce daytime stops at senior housing and the senior center in Great Barrington. Service to Fairview Hospital in Great Barrington would be reduced.

The South County service cuts are among other BRTA route changes proposed for Berkshire County starting July 1st. You can have a look at a PDF document of all the proposed changes, HERE.


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You will have an opportunity to be heard...

The proposed changes are the subject of a series of public hearings that have been scheduled to take place between today, March 14th and March 30. The public is invited to provide input about these changes during upcoming public hearings. Comments can also be sent via email to 

The hearing dates and times are also available in the PDF mentioned above (pages 3 and 4).

Among those affected by the changes would be those with nontraditional work hours...

The evening bus routes set for elimination currently serve the towns of Great Barrington, Stockbridge, and Lenox, and do so until 10:30 pm. Those affected by the changes include workers with nontraditional working hours, people using public transit for shopping/entertainment, college students, staff and faculty at Bard College at Simon’s Rock, and others.


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Some services are proposed to be reduced...

The BRTA changes would also reduce service to Fairview Hospital, the Claire Teague Senior Center, and to the senior housing apartments at Brookside Manor and Bostwick Gardens, all in Great Barrington. With the change in frequency, buses would serve those locations every two hours, which would be a 50 percent reduction in those services.   


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