Kudos are indeed in order for members of the Springfield Police Department Firearms Investigation Unit. They are doing a fantastic job in getting guns off the streets of their city. According to a post on the Springfield Police Department Facebook page, about a recent arrest and gun seizure, the police department says that the unit has thus far in 2022, seized 99 illegally possessed firearms. It's a very impressive number, which also, unfortunately, points out the reality of just how many guns are actually on the city's streets.

Friday night arrest and seizure...

The latest arrest and gun seizure came on Friday night when the Firearms Investigation Unit arrested a 20-year-old man and a 17-year-old juvenile and seized two firearms and ammunition. Police had been investigating 20-year-old Jaylen Graham for the past several weeks for possession of illegal firearms. This was Graham's third firearms-related arrest. He was most recently convicted of carrying a firearm without a license in late 2021.


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A gun with laser attachment and a ghost gun were seized...

In making the arrest Friday, police confiscated a loaded large capacity firearm with a laser attachment found in Graham's shorts pocket. Detectives were also able to recover a Ghost Gun inside the backpack of a juvenile. The guns were not the only thing that the officers seized, they also recovered approximately 250 bags of heroin during the execution of a search warrant.


Springfield Police Dept.
Springfield Police Dept.

(Above: a gun with a laser attachment, a ghost gun, and ammunition for both firearms were seized Friday.)


You can read the details of the arrest, search, and seizure at the Springfield Police Department Facebook page, HERE.


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