Have you registered for the Massachusetts VaxMillions Giveaway yet? Not so fast... you first need to be fully vaccinated! Once you are, you can sign up and have a chance at winning $1 Million! And you will actually have several chances.  

Governor Charlie Baker’s office and the Massachusetts State Lottery are reminding residents today about the upcoming deadlines for the Massachusetts VaxMillions Giveaway, which opened for registration on July 1st. 

VaxMillions Giveaway Drawings will be held once a week for five weeks beginning Monday, July 26th and continuing every Monday through August 23rd. Registration for the first drawing closes on Thursday of next week, July 22nd. The first drawing will take place on Monday, July 26th. Winners will be announced on the Wednesday following each drawing. 

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Massachusetts residents ages 12 and up and who are fully vaccinated prior to each drawing are eligible to enter the giveaway. Residents ages 18 and older who are fully vaccinated prior to each drawing will have the opportunity to enter to win one of five, $1 million cash prizes.  

Residents between 12-17 years of age who are fully vaccinated prior to each drawing may enter for the chance to win one of five $300,000 scholarship grants. 

Eligible residents are able to enter the giveaway at VaxMillionsGiveaway.com.  Residents are reminded that they have time to get fully vaccinated in order to enter the drawings. An entry before one of the weekly entry deadlines makes you eligible for all of the weekly drawings that take place after you register.  

Residents are reminded that some COVID-19 vaccines require two doses, and they must receive all doses before entering the drawing. 

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