The merry-go-round of departing TV news personalities that viewers in New York's Capital Region and the neighboring Berkshires continues. Earlier this month, I posted an article on Bob Kovachick's retirement from news Channel 13 after almost three and a half decades of service to our community. Now we bid farewell to Tim Drawbridge, who also worked with Bob in Menands prior to heading crosstown at the long time ABC affiliate on Northern Boulevard.

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Tim has been side by side with my dear friend Chief Meteorologist Steve Caporizzo for over a decade. It was at channel 10 where Tim and I finally met at the famed "weather office" which is now non-existent due to a massive re-construction of their news set a few years ago. We have also kept company at Cap's Pet Connection fund raisers. He is an all around "GREAT" guy whose presence on TV will be sorely missed.

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You are probably curious to see where Tim is pursuing his next adventure. He is a resident of The Glens Falls area in Warren County, New York and his commute to work will be closer than the 40 plus mile trek to Albany each way. Once his contract with News 10 officially expires, Tim will become the city's new Communications Director as he also has some experience doing public relations for The Great Escape Amusement Park in Lake George, which has been deemed a worldwide popular tourist destination

Mayor Bill Collins recently was interviewed by The Post Star newspaper as he is ecstatic about bringing him aboard to serve this vibrant upstate community:

"We are happy to add Tim to our great team working hard at City Hall. His work behind the scenes, literally, with regional non-profits to help them develop their outreach and their voices will be very helpful as the city develops new outreach processes. Tim's communication talent is evident as anyone who has watched him deliver his reports on TV".

He fills the vacant position after local author Lawrence Dudley left a few months ago. The MOST important reason Tim is making this move is to spend more quality time with his daughter Emily, as she is his entire WORLD and the demands of a TV schedule would not allow him to enjoy the moments he yearned for. Without a doubt, this man will ALWAYS get my vote for "Father Of The Year".

Here is Tim's last appearance with Cap on News 10. The clip is courtesy of You Tube and you'll have to listen closely as the departing weatherman was NOT on mike.

According to Cap, Tim will STILL pinch-hit when needed, otherwise a replacement has yet to be named as The Chief will join forces with Rob Lindenmuth, Jill Szwed and Matt Mackie to provide accurate weather forecasts for our region which also includes the beautiful Berkshires.

As for Tim, he also commented on his new position to The Post Star:

"Between the downtown revitalization initiative plans that are moving forward and the historic investments in paving and sidewalks in the city's neighborhoods, there's a lot happening in Hometown USA. I am looking forward to digging into all the good news and ensuring it gets out to the community".

(Some information obtained in this article courtesy of The Post Star and News 10, WTEN-TV)

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