Berkshire residents, take note as this article will guarantee an instant smile on your face: A milestone occurred in the Sunshine State of Florida as a record was recently broken when a 21 year old chihuahua has earned the moniker for the world's oldest living canine. Let's introduce you to Toby Keith (No, we are NOT referring to the country singer of the same name). He belongs to Gisela Shore who has had him as her four-legged friend since 2001. His official date of birth is January 9th (Ironically, Toby and Bob Denver (aka Gilligan) share the identical milestone so in my eyes that truly makes him special, in honor of my fondness for "Gilligan's Island".

This has sparked attention from the Guiness World Records as statistics show that Toby has exceeded the previous record of 21 years and 65 days on March 16th. Shore is flabbergasted that people can't believe how good her four legged friend looks for his age. And what's the secret towards attaining this goal?

Her owner credits a loving home, good genetics and a healthy diet are the major contributors to his long lasting existence. Every morning he goes for a walk and then unwinds with his favorite snack which consists of a slice of turkey. Shore takes Toby for more short walks and hangs out with her while working remotely at home.

She reiterated: "The thought that my little guy has reached such a milestone is fantastic! I'm thrilled"!

The Guiness World Record states an Australian cattle dog was the oldest living canine on the planet at 29 years and 5 months. Judging from what we see, Toby is headed towards that direction, but as Asia used to say "Only Time Will Tell"

(Cover photo of Toby Keith courtesy of Guiness World archives)

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