You just can't unsee the endless spandex outfits worn by so many area bands in the '80s at Woody's Roadhouse. The iconic music venue billed as "The Original Rock 'N' Roll Palace" was finally torn down on Thursday after years of slowly deteriorating off of Route 8 in the town of Washington.

One thing that still remains however is the many memories of those who have attended concerts there in the '70s and '80s. Many well know acts played at Woody's, but what really made for the best memories there were the countless local and area bands that played their asses off under the hot lights on that historic stage.

Some of the area bands that you will certainly remember that played at Woody's include Xavier, Leon Savage, Crazy Annie, Mad Anthony... the list goes on and on. Some other favorites that frequented Woody's... FAT, NRBQ, and of course, Max Creek!

As for me, I had a very memorable night seeing Fog Hat there with my future wife, Marianne, and a bunch of her friends in 1988 or '89. I don't recall. A local band opened the show, but for the life of me, I can't remember who it was... Mad Anthony possibly? Anyone? I guess I don't remember it that well after all. HA!

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I recently came across a Facebook group dedicated to the memories of the iconic venue. If you want to take a trip down Memory Lane, I suggest you check it out. There are tons of amazing pictures, historical quips, and stories of those amazing days posted there.

You can check out the Facebook group here:

Woody's Roadhouse back in the day via the Woody's Roadhouse The 80's!! Facebook Group.
Woody's Roadhouse back in the day via the Woody's Roadhouse The 80's!! Facebook Group - Do you remember the snowblower on the roof?

Here's a short video of Woody's getting torn down that was posted to the "Woody's Roadhouse The '80s!!" Facebook group, used by permission of Mary Boschetti, who shot the video.

Here is another great shot of a very worn-down Woody's Roadhouse also shot in 2018 by Mary Boschetti. Check out the warped roof.

Photo Credit: Mary Boschetti
Photo Credit: Mary Boschetti

What memories do you have of Woody's Roadhouse?

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