It's been a few years since the majority of the Berkshire Mall closed (we still have Regal Cinemas) and yet it feels like it closed 10 years ago. There was a time when the Berkshire Mall was one of, if not the hottest things in Berkshire County. Do you remember in the '90s going to the mall on a Friday or Saturday night? The joint was jumping, that's for sure. When the holiday season came upon us, you would have to drive around the building to find a parking spot.

There was a time that you could do all of your holiday shopping at the Berkshire Mall without having to go anywhere else. What about the opportunity to get a photo with Santa or be able to enjoy the carnival in the summer months? You could purchase the latest CDs, tapes, or books the day they were released. The Berkshire Mall holds a special place in our hearts. Does the nostalgia of the Berkshire Mall give you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside?

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Below are images from 65 shops that were located in the Berkshire Mall over the years. Some of these stores are still in business in other locations but all of them (with the exception of Target) are no longer active in the mall. Obviously, through the years there were many more than 65 stores in business since the Berkshire Mall opened. Quite frankly, trying to remember every single store that existed in the mall is a task in and of itself. That's where you come in. Take a look at the list and let us know what we missed and what needs to be added. I'm sure there are even some obvious ones we missed. We would also love to know your favorite stores and memories of the Berkshire Mall over the years.

65 Berkshire Mall Stores Remembered

It's a near-impossible task to have every picture included here be an authentic Berkshire Mall photo. However, a good chunk of them are indeed from the Berkshire Mall. These photos were to help spark those feel-good memories from a special moment in time. If you have authentic photos of Berkshire Mall stores from yesteryear, please share them with us and we will add them to the gallery.

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