It's hard to believe that downtown Great Barrington which serves as a central zone for travel and tourism the southern Berkshires is lacking free public high-speed WiFi service. That topic was recently addressed by Select Board member Ed Abrams and Planning Board member Pedro Pachano as they have been valiantly joining forces with Fiber Connect to make this void a reality in the viable south county community.

Here is an update on this impending mission: The goal is for Fiber Connect to oversee the installation of routers for the town's public WiFi network, best known as Public GB as the town has reached out to various property owners as they need to arrange a series of easement agreements to properly install the necessary equipment, however there is a catch: "Will these property owners be willing to pay a one time of $2,000?". Inquiring minds like myself would love to know the answer to this question.

Reports indicate Richard Stanley has joined in on the effort to make this reality as a new public router has been installed at his Main Street property which is best known as The Barrington House Building. But will others join in towards this effort?

Town Manager Mark Pruhenski chimed in as he feels optimistic about this project:

"Other property owners have expressed interest and we welcome sponsorship participation from any other interested businesses or individuals who want to support this project. We will get this done one building at a time"

The irony of this matter is that Fiber Connect has built the downtown area's fiber optic network for private, commercial and residential users as plans are under way to merge  as the key to this missing puzzle piece is to obtain a white box that measures about 8 and a half by 11 inches in diameter that will serve as an exterior router.

If you would like to inquire further about this matter, contact Adam Chait, The CEO of Fiber Connect. Call (413) 854-2109.

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