It's no secret that everybody is gearing up for Thanksgiving Day this Thursday, but did you know there are certain offerings that will NOT be found on your guest's dinner plate and here in Massachusetts, the least popular side dish is (drum roll, please!) Cranberry Sauce. YES, according to Twitter data, Massachusetts and our neighbors in New York and Connecticut along with Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Maine join 18 other states in this poll in forgoing this particular addition to their turkey dinner with 13 states (mainly in the heartland) agreeing that green bean casserole will be avoided once everybody sits down for dinner or a late lunch, whichever you prefer. Times will vary in each household.

sugar free cranberry sauce
green bean casserole

7 states including, North Dakota, Minnesota, Washington state, Nevada, Mississippi and Tennessee have voted that stuffing is their least favorite side dish. Are they kidding? That's at the top of my list. A trio of states, Minnesota, South Dakota and Maryland have unanimously agreed that yams or sweet potatoes are on their not so favorite items to be consumed on Turkey day. I'm in disagreement over this one as well. After all, it is the side dishes that can make or break a Thanksgiving dinner.

turkey dinner
Ham pic

Here is the installment that shocks me: Oregon can do without the main dish, turkey which is the centerpiece of them all (could they all be fans of Tofu? Quite possibly, but don't quote me on that) and down south, Louisiana says forget about adding ham to the dinner table. I can safely say, that is more of better choice at Christmas or Easter, but let's stick with the bird and that is the case in cajun country.

There you have it. This survey was courtesy of the good folks at as you are welcome to log on for more culinary ideas and statistics, but whatever you are serving up in the coming days, make it a safe and joyous "Turkey Day"

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