We have reached that part of the Summer where it feels like the perfect time to get out on the water in Massachusetts. There are plenty of bodies of water in and around the Bay State that could make their own case for a title such as the 'Most Beautiful Lake' in the state. It's definitely one of the benefits of living in the Massachusetts. So, where exactly is this most beautiful lake, and what makes it so special that it gets to hold such a title?

The popular publication 'Insider' published the list of the 'Most Beautiful Lakes in Every State'. The publication described this particular lake in Massachusetts as, "Largely surrounded by year-round homes and summer cottages, the lake offers swimming as well as a launch for boats." That description really doesn't narrow it down for any lake throughout Massachusetts. It turn out that the most beautiful lake in Massachusetts is in a town called Orange, and the lake that has earned the title is Lake Mattawa.

As previously mentioned, this lake is located in Orange, MA, which is in Franklin County. As someone who has lived in the Bay State for almost two years now, I wouldn't have guessed that the town name where the most beautiful lake is would be Orange. The town also happens to be the spot of where the first automobile factory in the U.S. was.

The lake is on 118 acres and has a maximum depth of 43 feet, with an average depth of 17 feet. Lake Mattawa is typically stocked each Spring and Fall with both rainbow and brown trout. The lake also happens to have quite the reputation for producing trophy trout. Not only is the lake used for some boating and fishing, but families also enjoy the beach as well.

As we're just hitting the second week of July, it's definitely prime time for lake weather. Now you have an idea for what to do while the warmer temps have us in the mood to make our way out on the water. Perhaps you might choose to experience the most beautiful lake in Massachusetts.

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