During the early part of the 20th century, Massachusetts had a dark reputation of being a state that was home to dozens of so-called "asylums" which were also known as psychiatric, mental health and behavioral health units. They specialized in treating individuals who suffered from schizophrenia, depression and bipolar disorders and they were NOT nice places in nature.

One in particular was located in Medfield in Norfolk county just 40 minutes from Boston. This facility was known as The Medfield Insane Asylum (The name was later changed to Medfield State Hospital) which opened it's doors back in 1896 as their mission was to assist those who suffered with mental health disorders. the staff was dedicated in trying to rehabilitate these individuals, however there were massive problems on the horizon including a lack of food, patients being abused and high amounts of overcrowding as the maximum capacity was limited to 1,000 patients.


In the mid 20th century, a lack of state funding led to these so-called "deplorable" conditions which resulted in those being admitted to experience a nightmarish ordeal and this continued until the doors permanently closed in 2003. The property has since been vacant, but visitors continue to roam throughout the property, particularly those who have a yen for the paranormal as they believe ghosts are haunting this nightmarish edifice which also has a spine-tingling memorial sign at the front entrance. In other words, "Enter if you dare" but there are limitations:

path in a dark and scary forest

The 128 acre property housed a total of 35 brick buildings, but visitors are only allowed to walk through the grounds as the inside of Medfield State Hospital is locked down and is reminiscent of Fort Knox as the facility was voted one of the "creepiest" places in The Bay State plus the property is also featured in feature films which included "Shutter Island" and "The Box" as directors filmed on location for an added backdrop.

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