This historic landmark is best known as Grey Court, Tenney OR Greycourt Castle and it contains some interesting contents in the form of hidden treasures that are entombed in the walls of this mysterious building which is located just outside of Boston in Methuen, Massachusetts. Bay state residents have made the trek in attempts to claim their share of a secret fortune that has yet to be disclosed.

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Charles H. Tenney constructed this palatial castle back in the 1890's. If only he knew this property STILL elicits lots of buzz from visitors worldwide. The treasure hunts date way back to when two brothers, Nathaniel and Mark Gorill began burying their income from work performed at The Tenney Farm. It is believed that a love triangle was the main cause these siblings became distant from each other and therefore parted in mysterious ways.

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Decades later in the 1930's, it is believed their earnings were located in the property by a local resident who discovered about 20 thousand dollars in bonds (That was a big chunk of change in those days) in a cellar that was located below surface. This find has yet to be verified as rumor has it the cold hard cash is STILL within the premises, it's whereabouts unknown.

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This is reminiscent of one of my favorite cinematic comedies from 1963 "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" as the plot for this article is a carbon copy featuring a group of people in search of a $350 thousand dollar treasure (The all-star cast was A-1 in this film which is worth revisiting as I STILL laugh out loud when watching it on DVD).


But there's more: A few days ago I wrote up an article spotlighting some dwellings in Massachusetts that are haunted to this day and I overlooked this particular location as verified reports from the web site indicated visitors have seen the apparitions of BOTH Gorrill brothers as they have been roaming around the property to protect their claim. Would you dare tangle with this pair? Inquiring minds would like to know, including me.

Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash
Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

The property is officially recognized as Greycourt State Park as visitors are welcome to explore the terrain and possibly go on a scavenger hunt. You will be able to take the path towards walking trails and picture perfect landscapes outside the property. But it's what's inside that's sparking curiosity in more ways than one. We wish you nothing but the BEST of luck in this adventure!

To access more information on this spooky locale, log on to The Greycourt State Park's Facebook page by going here.

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