Massachusetts is a great destination to travel to for anyone at any time of the year. The Summer months are especially a prime time just for that. The trouble with traveling is that it can be easily quickly dig deep into whatever travel budget you may be working with. But what if you could visit somewhere for free? Pretty much anyone would be down for that. It just so happens that Massachusetts is has one of the top free attractions throughout the U.S. for you to travel to this Summer.

The 'USA Today' released more of their 10 Best Readers' Choice in the category of Best Free Attractions. Sure enough, the Massachusetts spot on the list reached #5 on the list. So, technically it made the top five!

What is the Massachusetts Attraction Among the Best FREE Attractions in the U.S.?

  • The Freedom Trail - Boston, MA

Here's what 'USA Today' had to say about The Freedom Trail making its spot on the list of the 10 Best Readers' Choice Free Attractions in the U.S.:

Starting at the Boston Common, but easily picked up at any point along the way, the Freedom Trail offers historical insight into the city and its surroundings. Easy to "hop on and off," the Freedom Trail weaves throughout the city and highlights some of Boston's most special places, including Park Street Church, the Old State House, Faneuil Hall, Paul Revere House and the USS Constitution.

Aside from being a free attraction, another great thing about this particular attraction is the role in plays in U.S. history. So, if you take the family, the kids instantly receive a free history lesson, and knowing the role those attractions played in history will already make you seem that much smarter to them.

If you're heading to Boston this Summer, be sure to head to one of the best free attractions in the U.S. Besides, it's not like you can't afford it!

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