Graduation season is in full swing in the Berkshires, as schools across the county are sending their class of 2021 into the world to start a new chapter in their educational journey. It’s Pittsfield High School’s turn on Sunday, and three of the schools dedicated students will be taking the podium to address their fellow graduates, family members, and educators.

According to Brendan Sheran, Vice Principal of Teaching and Learning, Ryan Muller, president of the student council, will be joined by De’Lisia Adorno and Sadiya Quetti-Goodson of the PHS 2021 Class Council to speak at graduation on Sunday at 4:00pm.

Ryan Muller
De'Lisia Adorno
Sadiya Quetti-Goodson


For the first time since 1987 the ceremony will be held at Pittsfield High School’s 300 East Street campus. In a media release, Sheran says that the three students represent the voice of this year’s senior class who have worked diligently through a challenging school year.

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Pittsfield High School recognizes students who have achieved the top ten cumulative grade point averages in the senior class. The PHS 2020 Top Ten, in alphabetical order, are Gabrielle Cohan, John Fick, Sasha Grosz, Conor Mooney, Ryan Muller, Briana Palmieri, Isabella Penna-Ward, Alexandra Swanson, Elizabeth Swanson, and Sadie Tierney.

Academic departments also give awards to honor the most outstanding students in their respective disciplines. The following are this year’s outstanding students: Lauren Giusti (Art), Emma Kostyun (Band), Riley Burke (Business), Alexandra Swanson (Computers), Nina Snowise (Drama), Sophia-Marie Groves (English), Ryan Muller (Social Studies), Alexandra Swanson (Math), Gerdlie Jean Louis (Orchestra), Alexi Sondrini (Physical Education), Isabella Penna-Ward (Science), Da’ Lisia Adorno (Chorus), Savannah Gervais (CVTE), Briana Palmieri (World Language), and Lorena Roderiguez De Souza (English Learner).

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