This Sunday there will be a total lunar eclipse.  According to, it is a  “Blood Moon” named as the Moon will appear to be a reddish color caused by being completely submerged in the Earth’s shadow.

Over hours the moon will slowly be seen darkening in color changing to an orange-red according to  This occurs during a total lunar eclipse as the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon.

Under ideal conditions, this celestial event will be visible in the northeast part of the county.  However, the National Weather Service forecast may put a damper on sky-gazing with cloud cover and showers expected Sunday into Monday morning.

The timeline for this event is Sunday night around 10:30 when the Moon enters the dark part of the Earth’s shadow.  According to, the eclipse will reach its peak at 12:11 A.M. overnight Monday.

There will be two other Eclipse dates this year.  The next one after this Sunday will be on October 25th and will be a partial eclipse of the sun.   There will be a Total Eclipse of the Moon on November 8th and weather permitting will be visible from the northeast.  For more information about this weekend's lunar event, click on

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