If you thought the never-ending traffic jams in the town of Great Barrington are all said and done, think twice because it's far from over as these projects will continue into the fall and won't be completed until November. In a nutshell: Get ready for another slow go if your travels take you to our backyard in the upcoming months.

Town of Great Barrington Public Works Superintendent Sean Van Duesen reiterated all town roads will remain open, but this necessary work must be completed as they have invested $1.6 million to repair outdated streets and sidewalks in the vicinity:

"We know everyone has construction fatigue, but we hope everyone can hang in there--these are major and long overdue improvements. We will do all we can to minimize disruption, but there will be traffic slowdowns"

businessman late for work because of traffic jams

It won't....For now, we are burdened by these massive delays as plans are underway to also repave The Taconic parking lot located near the Tri-Plex Movie Theater and the installation of two electric car charging stations. A round about construction project at the junctions of routes 7 and 23 parallel to The Great Barrington Police Department is also in progress and more infrastructure projects are in the works including street improvements at Fairview Terrace,  Elm Court and Rosetter Street, Magnolia Street and Magnolia Avenue.

Plans also the repaving of Bridge and Bentley Streets, sidewalk repairs on bridge Street's east end and necessary repairs of a crumbling masonry retaining wall that is located below the Taconic Avenue railroad bridge. But wait! There's more!

Urban traffic congestion sign saying Expect Delays
Get used to seeing more of these signs while you are on the road in Great Barrington....

Other improvements indicate that gravel will be added on the rail trail walking path located just south of Main Street in Housatonic as the town and state are mandated to comply with the latest A-D-A accessibility requirements along with an extension of Great Barrington's River Walk south towards Olympic Meadows.

Final thoughts: Pack your patience, leave a little earlier to get towards your designated destination and by November, there will be a light at the end of this tunnel. This too shall pass, but this scenario is like that classic scene when Bill Murray wakes up to Ground Hog Day over and over again. At least I'm mentioning a memorable movie moment to close this article out, so we end on a high note!

For more information, you can also log on to the town of Great Barrington's web site by going here.

(Some information was obtained by WSBS via a press release courtesy of the Town of Great Barrington)

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