(Some of the information in this story was obtained though the Associated Press)

The Major League Baseball season is only a few days old and already it is a worst-case scenario for the Florida Marlins.

Two major league games that were supposed to be played Monday night have been cancelled after more than a dozen Miami Marlins players and staff members have tested positive for the coronavirus.

The Marlins’ home opener against the Baltimore Orioles has been postponed, as was the New York Yankees’ game at the Philadelphia Phillies, where the Marlins were stranded after the outbreak was discovered. The Yankees would have been in the same clubhouse the Marlins used this past weekend.

The Associated Press is reporting that according to a person familiar with the situation, nine Marlins players and five staff members received positive results in tests that were conducted Friday.

My take…

It is a worst-case scenario for the Marlins, but what does this mean for Major League Baseball going forward? Is this going to happen to other MLB teams? What happens of if this is a continuing trend? These are a just a few of the questions that come to mind as we try to get through the first week of baseball.

If you watch the players in the dugout, you have to wonder if the league is approaching social distancing effectively. Many of the players are not wearing masks, they are sitting right next to each other, and they are giving each other what I would refer to as a ‘Bro Hug” after victory.

If these issues are happening in baseball, where if done right, social distancing is possible, what is going to happen when the NFL kicks off (assuming it does) and ball carriers are constantly having to fight there way out from under a pile of 300 pound lineman?

All that we can do as fans is watch it unfold.

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