When it comes to "Weird" there is one guy that immediately comes to mind, and that is "Weird Al" Yankovic. He has been making us laugh with his wild and wacky song parodies since the early 80s. And when he comes to town people notice. No doubt.

Well, Weird Al just happened to be in Williamstown on Tuesday. Why was he there? Apparently, his daughter attends Williams College. If you scroll through Yankovics' Twitter page, you will see his post from September 1st where he talks about dropping his daughter off at the school for her freshman year.

The comedian, who happened upon a crosswalk near Williams College, apparently couldn't help but have a little fun at the expense of the message that is painted on the pedestrian crossing. The message which reads "STOP LOOK WAVE" is most certainly meant to assist students as they make their way across the road, but Yankovic couldn't resist taking the message literally and doing exactly what it said to do. So, He stopped, looked, and waved! Of course! The whole thing was captured on video.

The Video Was posted on Weird Al's Twitter page Tuesday...

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The video, as of this morning has nearly 32,000 likes and roughly 4,400 retweets. It was also commented on 248 times. The video also appeared on the comedian's Instagram page where it was viewed more than 215,000 times.

You can't help but laugh at whatever this guy does, with his hysterical face contortions and comical body movements. Obviously, he is a comedian in life just as much as he is a comedian when he is working.

It was fortunate that he came upon that crosswalk. Who knew previously that the STOP LOOK WAVE message could be funny? Thanks for pointing out the apparently less than obvious Al.


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