Springfield Police, joined by a host of other law-enforcement agencies, had a field day recently in Springfield. Perhaps I should say field days. Over the course of a two-day period, 15 people were arrested in connection with a wide variety of offenses.

According to a media statement posted on their Facebook page, thanks to a multi-agency operation in response to numerous complaints from citizens, several people were arrested in connection with firearms activity, drug dealing, and prostitution.

For this investigation, Springfield Police were joined by(take a look at this list!) members of the Springfield Police Firearms Investigation Unit, Massachusetts State Police VFAS, Gang Unit, High Risk Victims Unit and CINRET West, Springfield Resident DEA Task Force, Hampden District Attorney Anthony Gulluni’s Hampden County Narcotics Task Force and the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department.

Springfield Police report that over the past several weeks, local, state, and federal investigators conducted surveillance in a high-crime area in Springfield in an effort to deter rampant drug activity, prostitution, and gun incidents.

Then, between Tuesday, July 12th and Wednesday, July 13th, 15 arrests were made, various narcotics were seized(including heroin, cocaine, fentanyl, and morphine), and three illegal firearms were recovered.

In the media statement, Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno had this to say:

Tremendous work by our brave and dedicated men and women of the Springfield Police Department, Massachusetts State Police, Hampden County Sheriff’s Department and all of our partner agencies in taking these violent, repeat criminal offenders off our streets...This aggressive and violent nature shows just how belligerent these repeat violent criminal offenders are and how they disrespect our city, our local law enforcement and especially our residents and businesses.

The Mayor's not kidding. As a matter of fact, while undercover drug transactions were being conducted, one of the undercover cops was all of a sudden surrounded by several men who violently assaulted the officer. One of them hit the cop in the face with a liquor bottle.

The streets continue to get more dangerous out there but hopefully, efforts like this from our brave men and women of law enforcement will help turn back the tide a little. For much more to the story, including those who were arrested and the charges for each, check out the post on the Springfield Police Department's Facebook page here.

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