Massachusetts State Police K9 Trooper Tucker was deployed by his partner Trooper John Areche to track down 1 of 3 suspects fleeing from the scene of a hit and run accident yesterday morning.

According to a post on the Mass State Police Facebook page, 3 suspects ran from their vehicle after the vehicle struck another motorist on Route 141 in Holyoke.  A Holyoke Officer was able to capture one of the perp’s quickly but a second male was able to escape from the scene.  K9 Trooper Tucker got the call to track the law-breaker.

K9 Tucker tracked the suspect through some nearby woods and then through a grassy area behind St. Peter’s Lutheran Church.  K9 Tucker’s nose led him to the property of an apartment complex behind the church.  According to the report, Trooper Areche noticed a change in the behavior of Tucker near the complex’s pool house where a dumpster is also located.  After finding the doors of the pool house locked Trooper Areche focused his attention on the other potential hiding place that Tucker caught a scent from…the dumpster.

Sure, enough in an effort to elude authorities the suspect thought it would be a good idea to hide in the dumpster.  He was wrong as he was found hiding among bags of trash.  Trooper Areche ordered him to surrender or face apprehension from Tucker.  After making a number of bad decisions already that morning, the perp surrendered and was taken into custody.  Holyoke officers later apprehended the 3rd suspect believed to be involved in the hit and run.  Great work by the Holyoke Police, State Trooper Areche, and the K9 Trooper Tucker.  Give that dog a bone!

(cover photo posted to the Massachusetts State Police Facebook page)

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