There are many things nowadays that can lead to or contribute to the anxiety disorder known as depression. Money or debt issues, physical or emotional abuse, working like a dog for your employer and not feeling appreciated, being the target of bullying, getting older, ever-changing social mores, what's going on in the daily news, and the list goes on.

The bottom line is that depression can affect anyone, young or old, at any time. And it appears, at least according to a new study, that some areas of the United States have more incidences of depression than others.

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According to a study conducted by CEUfast, an accredited nursing education provider, Massachusetts has one of the most depressed cities in the country. Overall, New England fared pretty well with only four cities in the top 50.

The research team at looked at all sorts of data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) to come up with a list of the 50 most depressed cities currently in the United States. And, needless to say, the results they came up with are very interesting.

First off, only one city from the Bay State landed in the top 50, and that city is Springfield, landing at #16. Three other New England areas landed on the list. The area of Portland-South Portland, Maine showed up at #32 while Lebanon, New Hampshire placed at #41. Finally, the area of Burlington-South Burlington, Vermont landed at the #47 spot.

Based on the CDC data, of all the residents of Springfield, Massachusetts, almost 25% of them suffer from depression. One-quarter of the population! That number is truly staggering.

The #1 city with the highest depression rate overall is Billings, Montana. According to CEUfast, out of a population of just over 180,000, 31% of them have been diagnosed with depression by a professional.

Anyone who thinks they suffer from depression should contact a professional such as a psychiatrist or therapist to seek help and to look into treatment options. If you're unsure, here are some common signs of depression:

  • You're constantly feeling sad or anxious.
  • You have suicidal thoughts.
  • Your energy level is lower than normal.
  • You're easy to anger or irritate.
  • You find yourself having no interest in activities or hobbies that usually make you feel happy.

These are just a few signs that you may be clinically depressed, but there are other signs to look out for, as well. It's a very informative study. To take a look at more results, visit CEUfast's website here.

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