The New England states aren't exactly known for having warm winters. However, in Massachusetts, so far this Winter, we have lucked out. Sorry for jinxing us. In fact, we typically get some of the more brutal temperatures throughout the country during the winter months. As the temperatures have recently dipped a bit as we creep deeper into Winter, if you had to guess, what would you say would be the coldest town in Massachusetts? You may be surprised to learn exactly where that spot is.

The coldest town in Massachusetts has some bitter temperatures, especially in the next coming months. An average of just 16 degrees Fahrenheit in January, and then 18 degrees in February. As for this month, technically its overall coldest month is December, although the average temperature is 21 degrees. It also has an annual low averaging 34 degrees. It also averages 77 inches of snow per year. But residents are often too busy skiing or sledding to notice. So, what is this coldest town in the Bay State?

Worthington, MA

Google Maps
Google Maps

Worthington is on the western edge of Hampshire County with a population of approximately 1,193 residents. The town has a reputation for its maple syrup manufacturers. There are three sugar houses that show visitors how to turn sap into syrup.

One of those sugar houses is at High Hopes Farm.

High Hopes Farm taps 4,000 trees across 20 miles of sap lines for their syrup products. Their Sugarhouse Buffet is also a favorite among the locals and tourists alike. It seems that the coldest town in Massachusetts has plenty of maple syrup and other products to go around.

Of course, Worthington is just on the eastern outreach of Berkshire County. Not only does the Berkshires have Worthington within a reasonable distance in terms of the coldest climate in the Bay State, but Berkshire County has its own town that ties for the lowest average temperature (34) in Massachusetts. That town is Lanesborough.

So, if anyone complains about how cold they are anywhere else in Massachusetts, they may not realize that we're next to the coldest spots there are throughout the state. In any event, bundle up this winter and stay warm!

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