With Monday’s holiday "Indigenous Peoples Day", formally known as Columbus Day in Massachusetts, it may seem hit or miss as to what is open and what is closed.  It might be easier to think if you need to buy something, the location you would be heading for is probably open.  If you need to register a car, need a license for anything, or you want to pay that cross-walking violation before they put you away, you will have to wait until Tuesday.  More specifically State government offices are closed, such as the Registry of Motor Vehicles.  All local government offices like your local city hall are also closed.  Federal offices are closed including court systems with respect for the holiday.


If you need to do some banking, in most cases banks will be closed for the day but you might find some branches will open for business on Monday.  You should reach out to your bank prior to swinging by on Monday.  If you have a pressing banking issue you should get that resolved Saturday morning just in case.  While most banks will be closed the stock market will be open for trading on Monday.

If you have the day off and are in the mood to spend money most, if not all, retail businesses will be open on Monday.  That includes grocery stores, liquor stores, dispensaries, malls, and other retail outlets.

According to The Berkshire Regional Transit Authority, there will not be any regular bus service provided on Monday.  All regularly scheduled bus services will start up again at 5:45 am on Tuesday.  If you are traveling by train, Amtrak will be providing train service but keep in mind that the Monday holiday sees a major increase in travel by planes, trains, and automobiles (great movie).  All travel providers and agencies warn of very high levels of commuter traffic.  Amtrak warns of delays and the Mass DOT warns of higher levels of volume on Massachusetts roadways.  Major airports in Hartford and Albany will also be operating at full schedules with increased traffic.

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