Okay Berkshire County residents, if you had to guess, who would you say is the most popular actor and actress of romantic comedies(or "rom-com") here in the Bay State? Would it be Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock? Perhaps Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks? Maybe Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston?

Believe it or not, a recent survey conducted by the folks at the jewelry company Shane Co.'s blog, The Loupe, was brought to our attention and it certainly contains a few surprises.

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I've got to hand it to them. The crew at the Loupe(Anna Gionet and her team) did some pretty extensive research to come up with the results. Basically, in a nutshell, they looked at Google Search data from the past five years for 60 actors and actresses.

They then compared search volume data for each actor and actress across all 50 states in order to determine the most popular rom-com actor and actress for each state. Some of the results are very surprising. But I think I've kept you waiting long enough, so here we go!

The most popular romantic comedy actor and actress in Massachusetts is...(drum roll)...George Clooney and Nicole Kidman! Clooney and Kidman were actually in a movie together, although it wasn't a romantic comedy. Remember 1997's action thriller The Peacemaker?

Overall, the most popular rom-com actresses based on how many states they are most searched in are:

  1. Jennifer Aniston(most popular search in 10 states)
  2. Drew Barrymore(6 states)
  3. Sandra Bullock(5 states)
  4. Julia Roberts(4 states)
  5. (three-way-tie) Rachel Leigh Cook, Mandy Moore, Jennifer Lopez(3 states)
  6. (four-way-tie) Nicole Kidman, Mila Kunis, Julia Stiles, Meg Ryan(2 states)

Even though Nicole Kidman was only the most searched for actress in 2 states, one of those states was Massachusetts. By the way, the other state was Oregon. Now, the most popular actors:

  1. Tom Hanks(most popular search in 11 states)
  2. Heath Ledger(9 states)
  3. Billy Crystal(7 states)
  4. Michael Ealy(3 states)
  5. (four-way-tie) George Clooney, Josh Lucas, Patrick Swayze, Leonardo DiCaprio(2 states)

Apparently, George Clooney is very popular both in the Bay State and Kentucky. Some other actors and actresses who were the most searched for in just one state:

  • Ryan Gosling(California)
  • Emma Stone(Arizona)
  • Matthew McConaughey(Texas)
  • Renee Zellweger(Texas)
  • John Cusack(Illinois)
  • Jennifer Garner(West Virginia)

Interestingly, both McConaughey and Zellweger(both searched for the most in Texas) both appeared in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation early in their careers. I wonder if that means anything?

There's plenty more to check out as part of the survey. Visit The Loupe's website here for a very fun, informative read.

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