Nice weather is here, and the itch to drive and take a road trip is growing stronger by the day, especially for us here in Massachusetts and other parts of the northeast.  However, as of this writing, the average gas price in Massachusetts is $4.31.  This is pretty much in-line with average gas prices from around the country, which average between $4.13 and $4.35 per gallon.

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As such…do higher gas prices ever keep you from taking a road trip?

I ask because according to a recent poll, about 66% of people say they’re going to make “significant changes” in how they drive.  Part of those changes include people taking less road trips. 

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I’m curious if you’re in that category, because most people I talk to never say rising gas prices keep them from taking a road trip.  People might not drive because they’re tired, have to work, are sick, have a sick family member, or just changed their minds among other things.  But I can’t remember the last time someone said, “Yeah, I was going to go to Rhode Island, but I decided against it because gas prices are too high.”

On The Way To Summer
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Now, before you say I hang out with Richie Rich type people, let’s just say...none of us own yachts, and most of us have a family.  None of us even own of PlayStation 5.  It’s been my experience that people just suck it up, take the trip, and maybe don’t spend as much on souvenirs...or maybe they get one drink instead of three at the restaurant.

So, how about you?  While no one likes high gas prices, will they keep you from doing your spring and summer travel plans?


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