Massachusetts is home to many successful brand inventions including Dunkin,' Friendly's ice cream even shampoo. Breck shampoo was founded by Dr. John H. Breck in Springfield in 1930. Breck shampoo is currently a Henkel North American Consumer Goods product which continues to market the shampoo in the institutional market.

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There are many shampoos on the market but not all of them are great for our hair. Some of these products can leave our hair dry, and brittle and even cause hair loss due to toxic ingredients that are in the product.

Which Shampoo Brands Should Massachusetts Shoppers Avoid? 

24/7 Wall St. released a list of the 11 worst shampoo brands to avoid. Today we take a look at the the top three brands on the list. These three brands are sold in Massachusetts. Whether you live in Boston, Worcester, Springfield, or anywhere in between these brands are available to purchase in Massachusetts. However, you may want to think twice before bringing these brands home with you.

Taking the #3 spot of worst shampoo brands to avoid according to 24/7 Wall St. is Head & Shoulders. Head & Shoulders lands on the list because many users of the product have complained that it causes skin irritation, hair discoloration, dry scalp, and hair loss particularly if used for prolonged periods.

Pantene takes the #2 spot on the list. The common complaint with this product according to 24/7 Wall St. is that it uses harsh chemicals and unnatural ingredients including sulfates parabens and silicones which can lead to hair damage and skin irritations along with other allergic reactions.

TreSemme is the #1 worst brand of shampoo to avoid according to 24/7 Wall St. So, why does this brand take the top spot? It's because of the product's ingredients which include sulfate and silicone which can cause hair loss, allergic reactions, and skin and scalp irritations. Check out all 11 brands on the list by going here.

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