There are a few humbugs out there, but I think a great many people here in Berkshire County would love to see a good old-fashioned White Christmas. There's something magical about waking up on Christmas morning to freshly falling snow. Wouldn't that be just lovely?

Well, unfortunately, the chance of us seeing one here this Christmas is not looking all that good according to AccuWeather. Although, you never can tell.

The northeast will have a below-average chance of a white Christmas...

AccuWeather came out today with its Special Report: AccuWeather's White Christmas Forecast 2021. AccuWeather's senior meteorologist, Paul Pastelok led the team of forecasters putting together this year's report...

We're actually kind of in that normal zone for [the Northeast] just in case we get one of these sneaky, late-December systems coming in there... But I do feel like the probability of a white Christmas in Boston, New York, D.C. and Baltimore is slightly lower" this year.


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There's always a glimmer of hope...

The report says that while the Northeast is forecast to have below-average chances of a white Christmas, probabilities lean closer to normal, and snow is likely to be on the ground in higher elevations.

Let's make a Christmas wish!

There's one thing I know about Berkshire County residents. They don't give up so easily. So, let's make a Christmas wish and keep our fingers crossed... and just maybe we'll get a Christmas miracle!


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