Do you have a favorite watering hole, Berkshire County residents? You know, a place to go after work, or meet up with some friends, or watch some football? Well, guess what? Your favorite place to hang might be one of the best in Western Massachusetts!

Yelp just recently released its list of top dive bars in every state and from the list for the Bay State, they narrowed it down to the top dive bars in Western Massachusetts and you won't believe this but three places in the top 10, including #1, are located right here in the Beautiful Berkshires!

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Now before we take look at the Top 10 Dive Bars in Western Massachusetts, let's clear up a popular misconception. Some people think that the term "dive" has a negative connotation when it's attached to the word "bar". Absolutely not!

Trust me on this folks, it's not meant as an insult in any way. Back in the day, dive bars were the places my friends would frequent most often. Dive bars are places where you could be comfortable hanging out with friends, dressing casually, and maybe grab a bite to eat.

The kind of place where you didn't have to try and impress anyone(unless you wanted to), and where, after a few visits, the bartender would remember your name and give you the feeling that they were actually hoping to see you!

Some establishments take pride in being called a "dive bar" and they should because it's a good thing. And you know what? The three in the Top 10 that are located in the Berkshires? I've been to all 3 at least twice and have had a great time every time at all of them.

So let's get to it. We'll work from the bottom up. Ranking at #8 of the Best Dive Bars in Western Massachusetts is the Key West Lounge in North Adams:

Courtesy of Facebook
Courtesy of Facebook

And here's a view of the inside:

Courtesy of Facebook
Courtesy of Facebook

Now granted, it's been a while since I've been to the Key West Lounge, but back in the day, my friends and I had some great times and great memories there. Heck, the radio station even did a couple of live broadcasts from there. Great place to hang out and it's right on the main road heading into downtown North Adams.

Coming in at #5 on the Best Dive Bars in Western Massachusetts list is Cim's Tavern on Fenn Street in Pittsfield:


A great establishment to hang out, watch some sports, and have something delicious to eat! As a matter of fact, to this very day, whenever my lifelong friend Holly(who grew up in the Berkshires but now lives in Colorado) comes to town, we always meet up at Cim's for some of their fantastic brandy-glazed wings. And the staff are simply the best!

And I'm very pleased to say that the #1 Best Dive Bar in Western Massachusetts is located in the town of Lee. Moe's Tavern at 10 Railroad Street:

Courtesy of Facebook
Courtesy of Facebook

Sadly, simply for the fact that I hardly ever make it to South County nowadays, I haven't been to Moe's Tavern in a while. That depresses me. Great bar. Great drink selection. Great staff all having an amazing sense of humor. I remember after a few Great Radio Auctions on our sister station WSBS, a few of the crew(you know who you are), would stop by Moe's to unwind and have some laughs.

Here's to you three, Key West Lounge, Cim's Tavern, and Moe's Tavern for being three great places that I would happily visit time and time again. To check out the full list, visit Yelp's website here.

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