Ah, remember when you were a kid and you couldn't wait to go and see Santa at the local department store, sit on his lap, and tell him all that you wanted for Christmas? I'm thinking that might not be a thing for a while with the Delta variant of the coronavirus stronger than ever and the Omicron variant starting to reak havoc as well.
That may be the case, but luckily the City of Pittsfield has another way for your kids to let the jolly elf know what they want this year. The City of Pittsfield North Pole Calling Program is kicking off next week and Santa will call them!

This year's calling program is on Wednesday and Thursday next week...

The Pittsfield Department of Community Development Recreation Program will be conducting the annual North Pole Calling Program from 5 pm to 7:30 pm on Wednesday, Dec. 15th, and Thursday, Dec. 16th.
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Check your kiddo's backpack...

The sign-up forms for this season's calling program are being sent home with Pittsfield children in kindergarten and both grades 1 and 2.

Santa will do the calling...

The best part is... you're little ones won't be put on hold by one of Santa's tiny dispatchers. Santa will call them! Just make sure that they have their Christmas list ready. Oh, and make sure they comb their hair and brush their teeth. Santa knows!

Signing your kids up is easy...

Fillable forms that can be saved and emailed are available through a link on the home page of the city’s website, cityofpittsfield.org. Hard copy forms are also available at the City Clerk’s Office, Room 103, City Hall, 70 Allen Street.
Completed forms must be returned or submitted online by Monday, Dec. 13th.
If older Pittsfield children still believe, please feel free to submit a form on their behalf.
In 2020, Santa called more than 105 Pittsfield children.

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