The Baker-Polito Administration has announced a plan to immediately put to use approximately $2.8 billion of the Commonwealth’s direct federal aid to support key priorities including housing and homeownership, economic development and local downtowns, job training, and workforce development, health care, and infrastructure. The Administration’s plan aims to jump-start the Commonwealth’s economic recovery by investing in urgent priorities, with a particular focus on supporting populations hardest hit by COVID-19, such as lower-wage workers and communities of color.

The plan is being filed as an amendment to “An Act Relative to Transferring Federal Funds to the Federal COVID-19 Response Fund,” which was on the Governor’s desk and is being returned to the Legislature.

Our proposal will immediately invest $2.8 billion toward key priorities that will help jump-start our economic recovery, with a particular focus on those hit hardest by COVID-19, such as communities of color... With over four million people fully vaccinated, Massachusetts is getting back to normal and back to work, but it is critical that we act now to make these critical investments to keep our recovery moving. Our Administration appreciates the collaboration of the Legislature and local government in responding to the pandemic, and we all must work together to distribute funding quickly and efficiently to ensure those hard-hit by the virus receive relief as quickly as possible. ~ Governor Charlie Baker

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The plan was announced at an event held at the Mount Washington Homes in Haverhill, a project supported by MassHousing’s CommonWealth Builder program, a program that promotes homeownership in low- and moderate-income communities, particularly communities of color.

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