As the search for a Meghan Marohn entered its second week, her family is taking every possible step to locate her. Their efforts include everything from a website, to a 24-hour tip hotline, to a $50,000 reward.

The Delmar, N.Y. woman was reported missing on March 29th. She was last seen in the town of Lee, Massachusetts where her vehicle, a black Subaru Impreza was found abandoned on Church Street near Longcope Park, a heavily wooded hiking area in south Lee.


Google Maps
Google Maps


The family has created a website...

Marohn's family has created a website to help garner any leads that might help them find her. The website,, has the most current information, the latest news, information on how you can help in the search, an area where people can comment and communicate, a link to a 24-hour tip hotline, and various photos.


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A 24-hour tip line has also been created...

The family has also started a 24-HOUR TIP HOTLINE. They are asking for any information that can help them locate Marohn. The website encourages people to call 9-1-1 if they have any information that can help, but if for some reason you don't comfortable doing so, the tip line number is available 24/7.

***24-HOUR TIP HOTLINE: (413) 327-6255***


A $50,000 Reward has been offered...

Marohn's family is now offering a $50,000 reward for any information that leads to her whereabouts. More information on the reward can be found, HERE.


The family has also created a hashtag that people can use on social media to help spread the word about their search for her. The hashtag: #findMeghanMarohn


*This article may be updated if more information becomes available.


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