By now, everyone knows how much "Gilligan's Island" means to me as I have been with this show since it's inception in 1964 and to this day, I continue to re-watch ALL 98 episodes and throughout the past decades, I STILL feel like this program has been my TRUE escape from reality (and it STILL is)

I am currently an administrator of a "Gilligan's Island" group (1964 to 1967) on Facebook which allows us to reminisce about the fine moments this show has given us....I take pride in the fact this page features some key people who are connected with the show and contribute to this group on a daily basis including creator Sherwood Schwartz's daughter, Hope Juber, Bob Denver's stunt double, Bob D'Arcy (who also played The  Robot in season 2's memorable episode "Gilligan's Living Doll") writer Herbert Finn's daughter, Paula and Tina Louise's daughter, Caprice Crane who is also a key contributor to our page. Bob Denver's wife, Dreama also chimes in from time to time as we are ALL mourning the loss of our sweetheart, Dawn Wells, the farm girl from Winfield, Kansas, the lady who will ALWAYS be known as Mary Ann Summers.

When the news surfaced on Dawn's passing, I was truly shocked beyond belief when Greg Floyd made the grim announcement on CBS 6 yesterday afternoon as there was a major stage of denial on my part, but after the words "OH MY GOD" numerous times, sadness set in throughout the evening as another member of this beloved series has found her place in heaven above.

On a personal note, I had the honor of meeting Dawn at a book signing in my ol' hometown of New York City back in 2014. I was on cloud nine for sure as we had a memorable conversation about the show and she also remembered when we chatted on the phone back in the early 90's when I was on the air at neighboring WKZE-AM in  Sharon, Connecticut. How sweet of her to recall our first moment of contact.

My autographed copy of "What Would Mary Ann Do?" will be treasured forever as a personal keepsake and reminder of that special day over 6 years ago. She was a sweetheart in person, just like when you saw her on the show and I was happy to tell her IN PERSON how much joy she brought to my life.

I have some awesome photos of that special occasion on my Facebook page as a tribute has been posted on my wall as I am proud to share this precious memory with each and every one of you. Dawn Wells was FAMILY to me, just like everybody else who was associated with "Gilligan's Island"  as you keep people who have been an instrumental part of your life in your hearts FOREVER.

She even paid me the highest compliment as I mentioned to her that she and Tina Louise were my "goddesses" since 1964....Her response: "We are more like your 2nd moms"....And she was 100% RIGHT....The passing of my mother this past spring coupled with Dawn's loss has truly tarnished a year that will make it's "EXIT STAGE LEFT" as we now focus on new goals for 2021.

One of my resolutions is to feature Tina as a special guest on a future Saturday Morning Chat to discuss a fantastic musical accomplishment "It's Time For Tina" that was released in 1957 and she has an open invite at any time to phone in as we forge ahead to make this happen and any assistance on your part would be appreciated. Message or e mail me at any time as any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

A final note: Dawn Wells will ALWAYS LIVE ON as her memory remains eternal and everlasting.....FAREWELL, MOM....You will ALWAYS be with me every step of the way....

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