I think this is absolutely wonderful news, Berkshire County. Thanks to a bill filed by Massachusetts State Representative John Barrett(and former North Adams mayor) and signed by former Governor Charlie Baker, a Berkshire County native who lost his life protecting our nation's Capitol is receiving some honor and recognition in North Adams.

Officer William "Billy" Evans lost his life in the line of duty protecting the Capitol on April 2, 2021. Evans, a North County native, will be honored with a nice tribute. The bridge on Route 2 in North Adams will now be named the William F. Evans Memorial Bridge in his honor.

Massachusetts Representative John Barrett(who, again, filed the bill in the first place) had some very honest and kind words to say on Facebook, including:

I just wanted to make sure that this generation, as well as future generations, would never forget Billy Evans and the sacrifice he made on that fateful day protecting our democracy.

The renamed bridge on Route 2 is fairly close to the school that Evans attended, Greylock Elementary, and also the neighborhood where he grew up in. As I said at the beginning, I think it's a wonderful tribute to our fallen neighbor and friend.

Also according to State Rep. Barrett on Facebook, once the bridge is renovated, a plaque will be affixed to both sides of the bridge with the following transcription:

William F. Evans Memorial Bridge
"On April 2, 2021, United States Capitol Police Officer William "Billy" Evans completed his final watch defending the United States Capitol Building."
Thanks, Mr. Barrett(and Mr. Baker) for getting it done!

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