Attention, Massachusetts residents: Are you looking for a new home? We have a suggestion, but the rule of thumb is to "proceed the caution" if you are willing to make this life-changing commitment. Reports from Fox 5 New York (WNYW-TV) indicate The Turgeon Funeral Home located on Main Street in downtown Milbury, Massachusetts is on the market.

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(Photo image of Turgeon Funeral Home courtesy of ABC6, WLNE-TV, Providence, Rhode Island)

The home was built back in 1850 for a single family, but it has been a staple in the community as a funeral home which has been in existence since 1948. The dwelling is currently closed to the public as the building has an asking price of $769,000 but maybe you need to be skeptical about this impending purchase as area residents claim it is haunted as paranormal activity has been reported in previous instances.


A recent real estate listing states the property is up for sale, but keep in mind, the side effects are omitted:

"If you're a homeowner looking for a home with extraordinary presence and space, this could easily be converted back to a single family home," 

The future buyer could easily convert this property back into a single family home. The listing also indicated some added perks including cozy sunlit porches, washer/dryer hookups, a three-car garage, exterior shed and a full basement. Here is a video clip from WPRI-TV (channel 12 in Providence) as the offer could result in a positive spin, but the news team is passing on the opportunity. Can you blame them?:

Recently an area realtor, Erika Kristla Eucker, reportedly hung up a sign on the property that reads, "Probably Haunted"

The question remains rampant: "Are you up for the challenge?"

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I think our favorite UFO couple, Arno and Kathy Pinsonnault from neighboring Springfield should head out east and further investigate the matter. They will truly provide us with much-needed information as they grab their gear and a full report could be written in a future article. Happy Ghost-Hunting!

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