There's nothing like swimming in natural bodies of water during the summertime. I remember as a kid my parents would take me to various lakes throughout the Berkshires and Massachusetts. Swimming at places like DAR State Forest in Goshen, Windsor Lake in North Adams and Ashmere Lake in Peru and Hinsdale were some of my favorite places to splash around and have fun.

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When Swimming in Massachusetts Lakes Keep an Eye on Your Boundaries

I was pretty curious when I would swim in lakes. I always wondered what it would be like to swim past the roped-off areas. It was a thrill to swim up to the rope and sometimes beyond it. The water in that area was a little cooler, a little deeper, a little more exciting. I'll admit it. I did swim past the rope once or twice (okay more times than I can count) and I would get whistled at by a lifeguard and yelled at by my folks to get back in the designated swimming area. I can't imagine I'm the only one who has done this.

Swimming Past the Ropes in Massachusetts Lakes Will Cost You If You Get Caught

Nowadays, if you try pulling this stunt, you'll not only get a whistle blast from a lifeguard but you could get fined very heavily. An abundance of drownings have occurred over the years throughout Massachusetts and swimming outside the designated areas could cost you hundreds of dollars. This Massachusetts swimming law is all about safety for you and your loved ones. Have fun swimming this summer but think twice before swimming past the ropes.

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