Even though this is not a highlight voting year, keep in mind that Election Day is just around the corner as voters will cast their ballots on Tuesday, November 2nd. Take the time and exercise your civic duty as many residents have taken advantage of early voting options, but there are traditionalists (present company included) as we will wait until the first Tuesday of the month.


MASSACHUSETTS (Various Statewide Locations): 7 am TO 8 pm **NOTE: Locally, polling places in Pittsfield will be in operation from 8 am TO 8 pm and in North Adams, you can vote from 9 am TO 7 pm**


NEW YORK: 6 am TO 9 pm

Locally in The Berkshires, all eyes are focused on the north country as the city of North Adams prepares to elect their first female mayor. Jennifer Macksey is challenging Lynette Bond as the winner will succeed Tom Bernard who opted not to run for another term in office.

In Pittsfield, four City Council seats are up for grabs and there are no significant races on the docket for south county/

In neighboring New York, a total of 5 state wide proposals will be on the table for voters to mull through including the amending of the apportionment and redistricting process, the right for clean air, clean water and a healthy environment, eliminating a 10 day advance voter registration requirement, authorizing no-excuse voting via absentee ballot and increasing jurisdiction in New York City.

Speaking of The Big Apple, residents will vote for a new Mayor to replace Bill De Blassio in January as Democrat Eric Adams is squaring off against his Republican opponent, former Guardian Angels leader, Curtis Sliwa as both candidates have been  taking significant jabs at one another. The negativity elicited between both men recently resonated in a recent debate that was hosted by the city's flagship ABC station (WABC-TV, channel 7).

South of the border, in Connecticut there are no significant elections in Litchfield county but there are two mayoral races that are being closely watched including former Red Sox and Mets manager Bobby Valentine vying to unseat Democratic incumbent, Caroline Simmons for the top job in Stamford. The Hardware City's Republican incumbent Mayor, Erin Stewart will seek another term in office as she is being challenged by Democrat Bobby Sanchez as he is looking to bring new leadership to New Britain.

Remember, EVERY vote counts, even though some races or proposals are not of a hot button issue, it is STILL advisable to make your voice heard as you are a main contributor in your community's political process. Don't forget to pick up your official "I VOTED" sticker and proudly display this message that you cast a ballot and that one vote could make a difference in the end result which would be a true benefit for everyone. Berkshires News Director Tom Conklin will keep you posted, once the final  results have been tabulated.

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