Let's face it: Homeowners have that urge to string holiday Christmas lights to show off their holiday spirit (and I'm sure you accomplish this task at hand ALOT better than Clark Griswold on "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation") but keep in mind, the most wonderful time of the year can also give you culture shock when you receive the January utility bill which can reach steep standards and could put a lump of coal on your budget, so plan accordingly.

Decking the halls is an impulsive yearly tradition as those who participate don't realize the additional expense that is incurred on the following month. Some suggestions on keeping those costs down: Keep the lights on during limited hours instead of pulling all-nighters and it also pays to re-use instead of replenish your outdoor decorations as you only break them out once a year.

Now for the nitty-gritty: How much would you be spending on this yearly ritual?. Let's begin with our tri-state region and The Bay State wins the top spot:

If you plan to use L-E-D lighting, this is your average cost: 


2) CONNECTICUT: $47.31

3) NEW YORK: $42.08

Neighboring New England states see a much lower total than our vicinity including Rhode Island, not too far behind at $44.01, New Hampshire amounts to $40.90, Vermont follows with a total of $40.77 and Maine is the cheapest coming in at $35.36.

It's even MORE expensive when you present displays with incandescent light. Are you ready for some culture shock? Yes, The Bay State is the costliest, AGAIN! The tri-state region claims the top 3 spots:


2) CONNECTICUT: $356.64

3) NEW YORK: $317.16

Rhode Island overtakes The Empire State for a total of $331.72, New Hampshire and Vermont are neck and neck averaging about $308 and Maine offers you a bargain at $265.05.

If you are curious, the bottom 5 states in this poll include Idaho, Washington state, Utah, Nevada and Louisiana. I guess the old saying "go west young man" applies to this situation in saving money to show off your Christmas spirit. Whatever the case, we here at Townsquare-Berkshire wish each and every one glancing at this informative article, a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

(some information obtained in this article courtesy of the web site, www.joybird.com)

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