If the exterior of your home is in need of some restoration, you could be eligible for some help from the city of Pittsfield and a group of participating local banks. The City of Pittsfield’s At-Home in Pittsfield Program has officially launched and is accepting applications from interested homeowners throughout the city.

At-Home in Pittsfield, an exterior renovation loan program, enables eligible homeowners to renovate the outside of their homes through a combination of funding from local lenders and the City of Pittsfield. The program is designed to assist residents who do not have access to traditional financing.

Eligible repairs that can be funded through the program include roofing replacement; window and door replacement; porch repairs or replacement; chimney repairs; and siding replacement. Properties must be owner-occupied and may be single-family homes or owner-occupied multifamily structure with up to two housing units.

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In order to take advantage of the program, applicants must have owned their home for at least two years prior to Jan. 21, 2021.

The city is investing $500,000 towards the program, which will be managed by the Department of Community Development rehabilitation staff. Participating local lenders include Berkshire Bank, Greylock Federal Credit Union, Lee Bank, and Pittsfield Co-op Bank. Homeowners that do not have a relationship with one of the participating lenders will be able to access At-Home in Pittsfield funds directly from the city.

According to Pittsfield Mayor Linda Tyer, at the start of this year, the city assembled a team of qualified contractors who will work specifically on At-Home related renovation projects to ensure a streamlined process. Tyer, who first announced the program in 2019, said At-Home in Pittsfield is a program that will serve as a catalyst for long-term, sustainable change in the city.

At-Home in Pittsfield has the power to transform our community – house by house, block by block. We know that many in our city would like to embark on exterior renovations and other improvements, however, the unfortunate reality is that some lack the necessary financial Resources...This program actively works to remove those barriers, reduce the instances of deferred maintenance and widen the pathway of access. I am grateful to our lending partners for their belief, support and investment in a program that will reap benefits for all of us in the City of Pittsfield.


The application and program details, which are also available in Spanish, can be accessed via the city’s website, cityofpittsfield.org.

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