You may remember last year there was a report released in the media regarding a recalled baby bath toy. The toy that was recalled is the Pinkfong Robo Alive Junior Baby Shark Sing & Swim Bath Toy (full-size and mini-size). Before the recall occurred the toys were sold in retail stores throughout Massachusetts and the rest of the country. The reason for the recall was the toys were injuring some kids after they slipped and fell on the plastic fin leading to lacerations, puncture wounds, and impalement injuries. As you can see from the photos below, the fin and tail are solid and could easily injure a child if he or she landed on either plastic piece.

My daughter who is three was gifted this exact toy and my wife and I did use it with her when it was bath time. However, when the recall was released we stopped using it to keep my daughter safe.

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The Baby Bath Toy Has Returned to Stores in Massachusetts, Here's Why

Over the past couple of weeks when my wife, daughter and I were out shopping in Lenox, Pittsfield, Great Barrington, and Springfield, I was surprised to see the toy still on the shelves. The particular stores where I saw the toy were Marshall's and TJ Max. I couldn't figure out why this potentially dangerous toy would still be available for people to purchase until I took a closer look.

The Bath Toy That's Back on Massachusetts Store Shelves Has Been Refined

Upon examination of the bath toy, I realized that the plastic fin and tail have been replaced with a silicone type of material which is a much safer option for kids who want to have this toy in the bath with them.

This is Great News for Parents and Little Ones

If you have been bummed out that you can't get this toy for your child or you had to take it away from your child's bath toy collection you now have the opportunity to pick up the new safe version of the Baby Shark toy and reintroduce back into your little one's bath toy lineup. With a collection of colors including blue, pink, and yellow, the Baby Shark bath toy will be the life of your kid's next bath party.

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