I remember about 20 years ago, in the early 2000s when there was a casting call in Williamstown for the Anthony Hopkins film 'The Human Stain.' Basically, the production crew was looking for people that wanted to be extras in the film. My wife (then girlfriend) and I who both lived in the northern Berkshires at the time thought it would be fun to throw our hats in and sign up. Little did we know, there were many other Berkshire Couty residents who had the same idea.

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Berkshire County isn't filled wall-to-wall with professional actors, however, I do remember a few people that brought professional headshots with them to the signup location. For many of us though, including my wife and I, the crew took polaroids of us. We also had to fill out some paperwork including answering a question if we were members of SAG (the Screen Actors Guild) which we weren't. We didn't get a callback but it was a fun little experience attempting to be extras in a big film.

Berkshire County Residents Have an Opportunity to Land a Role in a Feature Film and Can Make Some Decent Bucks if They Get Cast

Now, there's an opportunity for people to be cast in a film entitled 'Brother's Blood.' Hudson Valley Casting is the company in charge of the project and folks must live within two hours of Albany which means Berkshire County residents are in luck. In addition, you could make $686 per day if you get a speaking role. You have to hurry as the deadline to sign up is this Friday, May 20 at 6:00 p.m. You can get all of the details by going here. Hope to see you on the big screen soon. Break a leg.

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