We're in kind of an interesting time where it appears the COVID-19 pandemic is over but Covid is still lurking around in the background. Should you wear a mask? Should you not wear a mask? Obviously, the masking policy is dependent on each individual organization or business with some places still strongly encouraging it but not making it mandatory (at least not to the effect it was in the past). So, how are we doing in Berkshire County?

Berkshire County Was Rated 'High' for COVID-19 but is That Still the Case? 

There was an article published last week by New England Public Media that focused on the fact, that at that time (Oct. 7) Berkshire County was the only county in Massachusetts that was rated 'high' for Covid by the CDC. After doing a check on the CDC's site this morning (10/12), that rating has changed. According to the CDC's site, Berkshire County is now rated 'low' for Covid.

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You'll Still Want to Take Caution in the Berkshires

We can sigh a breath of relief, at least for a moment. As you know things can change on a dime. Obviously, people need to do what is comfortable and what works best for them but if you are going to be in a crowded building and still want to wear a mask, go for it. In some cases, you may have to. Certainly, if you are someone that has a compromised immune system or any other underlying conditions that aren't able to fight off Covid, masking up is a given.

The pandemic may be a dying issue for some but let's not forget that covid and other viruses are still hanging around in the background. Stay healthy.

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