Ladies and gentlemen: How would you like to experience a new and unique way of travelling in this "so-called" 21st century here in the beautiful Berkshires?. We have the answer: The BeTriton is a recreational vehicle that runs on electric power and has numerous functions including an all-in-one camper, boat and tricycle. The creation is courtesy of an overseas Chief Executive Officer, Aigars Lauzis who introduced this new mode of transportation in Amsterdam while on a bicycle excursion that took him from London, England to Tokyo, Japan.

Here is a pictorial video of this new contraption which aims to bring more freedom and convenience to those who are "out on the road" and some added fun to boot while exploring new and familiar territory: Check out this clip to familiarize yourself with this unique and interesting mode of transportation:

Let's educate you further on the mechanics of this machine: You can call this a three wheeled moped with an aluminum frame, fiberglass hull that is powered by a lithium battery pack that enables the driver to participate in 30 or more miles of uninterrupted driving complete with a 1,000 watt electric motor with solar panels on the roof as an alternative to battery charging, but to maximize it's full effect, the vehicle must still be plugged manually before heading to an impending destination. A pair of oars are also included in case you run out of power as you'll be able to return towards dry land, the traditional way.

You need not worry about water getting into the camper as it is prone to keep the vehicle protected from any possibility of flooding. The unit sleeps up to 2 adults and also includes a fold-in table, charging outlets, reading and utility lighting. It is also equipped with a G-P-S and Blue Tooth sound system as modern technological advancements have made their way into the mechanics of this alternative way to travel.

The transition from land to water takes only less than 5 minutes as an electric boat motor is also included in this system which maneuvers well in any fresh water lake as inflatable stabilizers are included for a smooth journey. This unit is NOT recommended for usage concerning long distance travel into large bodies of water (i.e. The Pacific OR Atlantic Oceans).

And you are probably wondering how much one of these gadgets costs? Hard to believe, not as much as you think. The estimated price is about $16,000 and you can get more details by logging on to The BeTriton web site.

(Featured image of BeTriton courtesy of their web site,

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