When considering moving to a new area you want to make sure the area is a good fit for your lifestyle. What is the culture like? Are you going to be living in a safe area? Are you moving to a new place to start a family or are you single? Are you a younger or older person? All these factors play a role when deciding on a place to live.

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If you are a young, single person you may be interested in an area that has plenty of things to do including a robust nightlife. You also may be interested in renting instead of buying a home. Massachusetts has some areas that are perfect for young adult living.

What is the #1 Place to Live in Massachusetts for Young Adults?

SoFi recently compiled a list of the Best Places to Live in Massachusetts for Young Adults and today we are sharing with you the city that topped the list.

The Middlesex County city of Somerville ranks at the top of the list of best places to live in Massachusetts for young adults. Here's SoFi's review of Somerville.

Somerville’s close proximity to Boston makes it a natural haven for young professionals. There’s plenty of diversity here as well as a thriving nightlife scene, along with coffee shops, parks, and restaurants to explore. Job opportunities abound, too.

What Does Somerville's Housing Affordability Look Like? 

We discussed earlier the option of renting for young adults. It turns out many young adults who live in Somerville rent. Here's what SoFi stated about housing affordability in Somerville.

The majority of residents rent instead of owning. Another positive for those looking to live in Somerville: Rental prices have declined slightly year over year, thanks in part to a sizable inventory of available properties. Home prices have increased by 17.9% year over year while the number of homes sold has declined by 43.2%, suggesting that the market may be starting to cool.

Fun Facts About Somerville: According to Somerville's website the city is one of the most ethnically-diverse cities in the U.S., with more than 50 languages spoken in Somerville Public Schools. After New York City, Somerville has more artists per capita than any other U.S. city.

Other popular areas to live in Massachusetts for young adults include Wakefield and Waltham. You can check out the entire list by going here.

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