Massachusetts is definitely home to some strange laws. Many of the laws were passed years, and years ago so they don't really hold up or are enforced today, yet they are still on the books.

One particular Massachusetts law I found interesting is something that people do every day in the privacy of their own homes and that is snoring. Believe it or not, there's a law in Massachusetts (according to multiple sources) that prohibits snoring in your home unless all bedroom windows are closed and securely locked.

Okay, in one small way I get that you don't want to disturb the peace hence, the closing of the windows, but does one snore so loudly that neighbors throughout the neighborhood are going to hear and be disturbed by it? I find that hard to believe. Furthermore, is the locking of windows really going to make that big of a difference?

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Another question I have about this is what if I fall asleep in my kitchen, living room and/or basement and those windows are open but the bedroom windows are closed and locked? Is the act of snoring still illegal? Technically the state of the bedroom windows would be following the law.

This is a lot of silliness I know, but it is fun to examine these strange Massachusetts laws and poke holes in them. Could you imagine if this Massachusetts snoring law was strictly enforced? Oh, my word. Many of my family members who live in Berkshire County would be paying a fine or spending a night in the big house. This includes me. I wonder if it would be illegal for them/us to snore in

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