Before I worked in radio, I worked in consumer protection for a number of years in Berkshire County.  We dealt with everything from vehicle sales, retail, home improvement and more.  During my time, there was one question I received more than any other:

“Is there a three-day right to cancel purchases in Massachusetts?”

The answer…is NO.

There are no state laws in Massachusetts for return policies.  As long as a business has their return policy clearly shown and stated in the store, and you can read it before your purchase, businesses can have whatever return policy they choose in MA.  So, if you buy a car and sign for it, you can’t return it the next day because you saw a better deal.

While there are regulations to deal with defective merchandise, or vehicles that break down during a certain time period, there is no general three-day right to cancel in Massachusetts.

There are only a few exceptions to this law in Massachusetts, listed below.

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Door-to-Door.  This rarely happens anymore, but if a merchant (not a private seller) does business with you somewhere that’s not their business, and it’s over $25.00, you can notify the seller in writing within three days and get your money back.  Note, this does not apply to online sales.

Gyms/Health Clubs.  If you sign up for a gym membership, you do have three business days to cancel, in writing.

Home Improvement Contracts.  According to M.G.L.C-142A, you have three days to cancel after signing the contract.

Time Shares.  You have three days to cancel a time share contract in Massachusetts.

Credit Repair.  If you sign up for services to help repair your credit, you have three business days after you sign to cancel.

Remember to always do your homework before making a purchase, and remember that there is no three-day right to cancel law in Massachusetts, except for those specific situations listed above.

Get more info at:   A Massachusetts Consumer Guide to Shopping Rights |

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